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The u2nite Gay-dating App Releases its New Video Chat

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The u2nite Gay-dating App Releases its New Video Chat

Erschienen am 09.07.2020 um 17:15 Uhr

The LGBTQ dating app lets users date virtually with the most secure end-to-end encrypted video chat feature.

u2nite once again sets new standards in safe dating. Shortly after Tinder announced it was launching their video chat, u2nite is one step ahead and has already released their first video chat version. The video chat feature is the latest move by u2nite to make it easier and safer to meet.
u2nite is the gay dating app that has become known for its security. The app has gained large market share in countries where being gay is not welcomed or even forbidden. Security has been given the highest priority in developing the new video chat. The video chat is end-to-end encrypted, which means the video transmission is only for you and the other person – no one else can see it.
u2nite’s video chat is based on the application Jitsi and was rated very highly in a test recently conducted by leading Berlin data protection officer Maja Smoltczyk. The popular video conferencing systems Zoom, Teams and Skype from Microsoft as well as Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Blizz and Cisco Webex all failed in a test conducted by Smoltczyk.
"Unfortunately, some of the providers who provide technically mature solutions do not yet meet the data protection requirements," Smoltczyk explained. “I am impressed by the security of Jitsi.“
Maja Smoltczyk’ conclusion, Jitsi and Big Blue Button is preferred over Skype, Teams or Zoom. Jitsi received the highest ranking for safety and was given a green light over commercially available applications. Jitsi is probably the safest product on the market and fits perfectly into u2nite's security concept. A consistent decision of the u2nite developers.
You would expect that every dating app would be equipped with video chat but that is not the case. Meeting up in real life is for most people very different from hiding behind the normal chat feature. However the attitude of dating app users attitude changed overnight due to COVID-19. Facing longer times with social distancing the video chat allows you to connect live from with the benefit of the secure environment u2nite provides. A recent survey shows that 85% of dating app users would use video chat due to social distancing and COVID-19.
Reasons for the rapidly increasing popularity of video chat can of course be many and varied, and certainly come from our FaceTime or WhatsApp behavior. Compared to conventional messaging, the video chat allows the user to make live social engagements and even easier to establish lasting connections.
Along with the development of the video chat service, u2nite improved the location blur filter to ensure your geographic location is not traceable. Another innovative security function is the automated "location finder". Its integrated geolocation data suggests a public place to meet in the city and shows on the map how to get there. A safe and helpful feature when you travel and visit cities you do not know.


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